Understudy robins :)

Gulp. Another v. rushed, rather cheat-y offering as I appear to have sublimated from Thursday directly to Saturday. No passing ‘Go’ (although there has been a frenetic degree of ‘Go’ in my studio – and wider home – over the last 48 hours). No collecting of £200.00 (quite the reverse, in fact).

These are a couple of little feathered fellows I rustled up a couple of weeks ago in a very similar vein to my Bologna entry (which, somewhat miraculously, arrived in time and has now been registered and my name added to the l-o-n-g list of illustrators who have submitted work – there were 2,685 submissions last year, and 2013 looks as though it’s going to offer a similar story):

Taking a moment...

Taking a moment…


Preparing to launch 🙂

More on that unfortunate pie-filled penguin and the fate of his digestive tract (should you be able to *ahem* stomach the details) anon…

Have a fab weekend, all!

AP x

About illustratedbyamanda

Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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3 Responses to Understudy robins :)

  1. Cindy D. says:

    I love them! Adorable but really beautiful and well done too. The second one with the slightly more dynamic pose is my favorite. Now how about a hornbill? (I like big strange and goofy birds too.) 🙂

  2. faerysocks says:

    These are absolutely beautiful!

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