Unearthing new talent…?

Yet again, time has darted skittishly away from me this week, leaving me with the barest scrap of an opportunity to post something for Illustration Friday (and, as I’ll shamefacedly admit, moving me to dredge something up from the archives for the purpose).  So, here it is – somewhat drearily-obvious, perhaps, but avowedly thematically-congruent:

Ah, the impassioned talent contest contestant (anyone thinking of Darius...?!)

Ah, the impassioned talent contest contestant (anyone thinking of Darius…?!)

The silent format of this blog page and accompanying written word(s) doesn’t really do her ‘talent‘ justice so, by way of context, I give you the assembled adjudication panel:


I think we’ve heard enough now, don’t you…?!

(Both of these sketches were rough doodlings for the SCBWI’s ‘Undiscovered Voices’ publication last year, where the brief for illustrators was to create a b&w line drawing, to a slim, portrait format, on the titular theme.)

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2 Responses to Unearthing new talent…?

  1. Cindy D. says:

    Lovely and expressive. And terrifically silly. Those faces on the panel are hilarious! And beautifully penciled, I might add. 🙂

  2. Aura says:

    its defenitely a talent. sometimes we dont know what talents we have just because we have a fear to peoples reaction. I love it. I like it because the way she showed passion in the painting.

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