It’s just not cricket…

IF_Protest(…No, but is it tennis/some other identifiable category of sport…??)

A quick Illustration Friday offering in response to the week’s topic, protest. 

Something along tennis-themed lines, inspired by the warm, fuzzy after-glow the collective British public seems to be (still) luxuriating in after Mighty Murray’s Wimbledon triumph last Sunday and its apparent reinvigorated interest in the sport, all thanks – of course – to our glorious leader’s stirring words of recommendation and promotion in The Commons… This chap, while clearly raising some sort of game objection, hardly conjures (as originally intended) comparisons with the heroes of Wimbledon, appearing – as he does – to embody an unholy alliance of characteristics concocted from Mediterranean stereotype, a golfing apparel magazine and some sort of 70’s light entertainment TV programme…



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4 Responses to It’s just not cricket…

  1. Beth Anne Maresca says:

    I just love his expression…perfect!

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