Too hot to (globe-)trot!

Another sweltering afternoon here in sun-ripened (it is ‘bin day’, after all…) Staines, and I can actually feel my brain cells melting away into a soupy mess of stupidity in this heat. It is with this, admittedly paltry, excuse that I present a vintage illustration from the Amanda archives in lieu of a spangly new drawing for this week’s Illustration Friday challenge, travel:
This ‘cartoon’-type illustration was created as a birthday card for our most excellent friend Steve, just as he and his gorgeous girlfriend, Eliza, were about to embark upon a 7-month globe-trotting Trip Of A Lifetime together. The annotations are really quite specific to Steve, and our friendship (the footwear-related note pertains to an observation once made by the couple that Marvellous Dave and I were wearing identical shoes [a very fine, versatile Merrell walking sandal, as I recall…] – although it actually transpired that, having the very same foot size, we were each wearing a left and right [and right and left] sandal from two almost indistinguishable pairs of shoes… *ahem* – of which I feel, after 5 years, we are unlikely to ever hear the end…), but I hope that at least some of the remaining notes will resonate with other intrepid backpackers 🙂

I have, in fact, been sketching pages of characters (in my new sketchbook: I am being unusually disciplined about sticking to that resolution…) over the last couple of days, approx. 60% of which I had been trying to train towards answering this week’s brief, but alas, with a stultifying average temperature of about 28 degrees in my studio the results have been horribly smudgy and frustratingly sub-par, so I am reserving any further postings until I have something half-way decent to offer up…

Have a glorious Wednesday, all!

Wilting AP x

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