Illustration Friday: that’s LUSH, that is…

Well, actually it’s mainly overdue and one of the lamest pieces of drawing I have produced in several weeks, but in the interests of attempting to retain my seat on the Illustration Friday train (head, hands, feet and all other extremities inside the carriage at all times, if you don’t mind…), I thought I’d post this for last week’s topic, lush, anyway (a quick scan of the topic submissions reveals that there are, thankfully, more than a handful of kindred spirits out there with a similarly wine-based take on the theme. Don’t judge, people…): IF-LushAnd, just because I feel rather wincingly ashamed of this offering – and because opportunities for casual sketching have been slightly limited this week by a current commission (which I hope to be able to share next week, subject to obtaining the commissioner’s permission) I thought I’d throw in a couple of other sketches I did on the previous week’s ‘rescue’ topic:


A rather feeble duckling (in the shallows of the river) angling for a helping wing out onto the bank – it always amazes me how they manage to hop and scramble their way out with their stubby little wings and ungainly feet (almost as funny as watching them slither into the water…).


I didn’t really think through exactly what the top-most, rescuing mouse was perched on in his efforts to snatch his chum from the feline Maw of Doom (looks a little like the lip of a teacup, though this obviously would make NO SENSE) – but hopefully you’ll excuse this significant flaw *cough* and see only the valiant attempt of aforementioned rodent rescuer in the face of certain death (those are some serious claws he’s dicing with…).

While the glorious, sunny weather has been utterly brilliant – and catapulted me back to the blue-skied, tarmac-bubbling summers of my conservatively-spent youth – it has been singularly distracting and has played merry havoc with my watercolour painting, so I’m afraid I have to confess that little part of me is quite thankful for today’s decidedly grey outlook…

‘Til next time, have a great weekend!!

AP x

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