Apologies in advance for the rather narrow and niche audience this second post of the day (what, two doses of verbal effluvium in just one day…?!) this is likely to have any relevance at all for, but for those more familiar with this blog there may be a few among you – not also among the membership of Staines Strollers running club – whom recognise the featured character (see also 1 December 2012 and 15 December 2011 for a little gentle memory-prodding, should it be required…): Mr Ken Saunders, sporting hero of Spelthorne and all round spectacularly good egg. As part of his impressively extensive – and dispatched entirely voluntarily, I think – remit within the local running community, he valiantly leads the warm-up/stretching exercises every Wednesday evening for the Strollers, come rain, shine, midge swarms, or any manner of other emphatically-more-unpleasant meteorological conditions. During the course of this 10-15 minute enterprise, he endeavours to educate us ingrates and ignoramuses in correct muscle-stretching techniques to prepare for the impending run – however, the ‘standing quad stretch’ routinely poses a considerable challenge to his verticality and (arguably) dignity, often entailing some rather protracted hopping about whilst turning through 360 degrees, so I felt this weekly struggle would be perfect material for immortalising in watercolour in honour of his 60th birthday, thus:

(Click on the images to see full-size – ta!)





And for those even remotely interested in attempting this elaborate athletic move, here is how some bloke from Gold’s Gym reckons you should approach it (though there is no mention of it here, ‘some people’ [*ahem*] swear by touching your nose with your index finger – index finger of the hand not holding your foot, that is[…] – to avoid losing balance), and some other science-y stuff that those of a physiologically-savvy persuasion may appreciate.

Have a lovely evening, y’all!

AP x

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