Lured by the promise of bargain-price Faber Castell pencils (I’m a total sucker for a cleverly-targeted marketing campaign email…), I paid Cass Art in Kingston a visit over the weekend and was persuaded to avail myself of a few other art-material goodies, including a new trio of grey, Letraset ProMarkers together with some appropriate paper. The thinking was that any paper ground less absorbent than the sponge-like cartridge paper of my sketchbooks might return better results than I had previously experienced – which had precipitated a disgusted abandonment of the first ‘trial’ pens (by no means a cheap experiment…) when they ran dry after only a couple of uses. I still don’t really understand them (all suggestions towards demystifying their apparently perennial appeal welcome…) but, having resolved to give them another shot, I decided I’d harness them to the task of tackling this week’s Illustration Friday challenge: herewith, a rather abundantly bearded chap for your Tuesday morning…

7B pencil and grey ProMarkers on generic Marker  Paper

7B pencil and grey ProMarkers on generic Marker Paper

(I’m not 100% certain, but I think he may be an Orkney fisherman, mildly disgruntled upon discovering that he’s left his fish paste butties at home, and slowly reconciling himself to the prospect of a day on the water with only fresh, sea air for sustenance…)

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