Flock of seagulls (no, not THAT one – I’m FAR too young… *cough*)

So, to call this a, er, “weekly” blog would be something of an ENORMOUS LIE. Ah, sorry about that… A rather event-stuffed summer has segued a little awkwardly (i.e. with a few disastrously unproductive, navel-contemplating days and a number of other miscellaneous unscheduled excursions/emergency relay races […!]/administrative disruptions) into the – now terrifyingly brief – build up to the recommencement of the MA course. Here, on the cusp of returning to Cambridge – albeit in fleeting, weekly (not a lie) morsels – I had, delusionally, pictured myself primed with a whole clutch of promising story ideas and associated preparatory sketches, together with a smattering of character design sheets, a few sheaves of potential storyboards and perhaps the odd piece of trial artwork. Ha! Obviously, being the colossally indecisive individual that I am, this scenario bears no resemblance to the one I find myself in on this slightly drear and oppressive late-September afternoon…

After desultorily sketching around an assortment of potential creatures I might bend to my picturebook-making will (including – but, alas, not limited to – hippopotami [or ‘potomuses…?], chimpanzees, raccoons [abandoned the second I came across Marta Altes’ latest, glorious picturebook, My New Home], chinchillas, penguins, geese and swans), I settled upon the much-maligned seagull. For now. (I forecast a last-minute lurch off-piste in pursuit of a hitherto untried [and, doubtless, for myriad very good reasons] species of picture-book protagonist that will transpire to be patently unsuited to its pivotal function – a decision that I will bitterly regret, but one that I will stubbornly cleave to over the subsequent 4 months before succumbing to some sort of hideous sauvignon-and-Battenburg-fuelled meltdown mere days before the Final Show. Oh yes, I am, regrettably, all-too-familiar with this particular lump of grey matter’s M.O. …)

So, herewith, a smattering of pages from my sketchbook, together with a cheeky little brushpen-and-graphite sketch from earlier in the summer (that – apologies – some of you may have come across before if you’ve beaten the considerable odds and chanced across one of my picture-shaped tweets over on the Twittersphere):

The notion that seagulls will eat anything - and have a particular penchant for junk food - is an erroneous one. Some are, in fact, rather discerning...

The notion that seagulls will eat anything – and have a particular penchant for junk food – is an erroneous one. Some are, in fact, rather discerning…

Ice-cream, though, is ALWAYS fair game

Ice-cream, though, is ALWAYS fair game

...And the stereotype definitely originated with some grain of truth...

…And the stereotype definitely originated with some grain of truth… (please excuse the rather wonky litter bin…)




He's coming for you...

Caution: Thieves operate in this area. (You HAVE been warned…)

Aside: if anyone reading is unfamiliar with the eponymous (A) Flock of Seagulls, you can discover the glorious coiffure-serie and synthy audio you have been missing (yes, I can sense how achingly incomplete you now feel your life is from all the way over here…) via the wondrous YouTube, or use this as an entirely valid reason to (re-)watch The Wedding Singer [1998] (look out for the chap at the flight check-in desk. Mighty hair.)

Well, ‘better crack on… I have A LOT of procrastinating and vacillation to squeeze into this next week! 😉

Wishing you all a delightfully aerial-meance-free weekend and perhaps I will manage to muster up another post soon/before Christmas…

AP x

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