(It’s gonna be) raining cats & dogs… ;)

Just a quickie, proverbially speaking – betwixt grappling with errant seagulls and diaphanous beings for the two-pronged (currently…), final, Masters Stage of the MA Children’s Book Illustration course:

This week’s post features a cat and dog sketch, both destined to join a multitude of others, that have each been individually crafted by my fellow course-mates, and which are to be assembled into some sort of fantastic throng by our very own Joe Lyward – soon to appear on exciting, purchasable items in support of our fundraising endeavour (more details coming soon!!). If you have a minute to spare, I’d be enormously grateful if you could cast your eye/s (depending on the percentage of ‘pirate’ in your heritage…) in the direction of our Facebook and/Twitter pages on this subject to find out a little more about what we’re all up to in preparation for launching the final, triumphal (*here’s hoping*) MA Show and accompanying Exhibition Catalogue. If you’d be so kind as to perform the appropriate ‘Liking and Sharing’ activities in respect of these, our Social-Media-dwelling progeny, that would also be most welcome. Ta very much. 🙂

Ooh…and on the subject of fundraising activities, if any of y’all happen to be in the vicinity of Anglia Ruskin University next Friday, there’s going to be a seasonally-decorated trestle table (or similar, produce-bearing apparatus) veritably groaning with tempting Halloween/autumnal cake-shaped treats in the main entrance building. And, also…FACE-PAINTING!!! We’d LOVE to see you there 🙂


A small, excitable Westie. With bluebottle.

A rather furtive-looking feline (I can't decide whether he's attempting to evade the proverbial 'radar', or reaching for something delicious - and forbidden - without being rumbled...)

A rather furtive-looking feline (I can’t decide whether he’s attempting to evade the proverbial ‘radar’, or reaching for something delicious – and forbidden – without being rumbled…)

Following several weeks of drawing (problematically wingèd) birds, I rather warmed to the theme of domestic-pets, and – after what will remain an undisclosed number of hours ‘researching’ cheek-achingly hilarious and downright odd cat-based YouTube videos – I had my own little ‘nuisance’ of cats. Here’s another…:


In flight. He makes it look pretty effortless, I reckon…


The rest of the week’s pencil wieldings are still trapped in my sketchbooks  (I will get around to scanning some of the more interesting morsels of that stuff soon. Probably. Most of it is in the form of increasingly-scrappy handwritten notes attempting to construct the bones of a workable story – complete with a volte-face at roughly 3-page intervals…), but I thought I’d include a progression from those rough tessellation ideas I had lighted upon, and then pretty much abandoned a couple of weeks ago…

(Do not adjust your monitor...)

(Do not adjust your monitor…)

Alas, I think there’s a little too much of the ‘Magic Eye’ effect to this pattern as it stands. I have tried a few variations on line weight and colour in order to achieve better differentiation between the birds, but have – I think – concluded that a more successful visual arrangement might arise from replacing one of the two seagulls with a budgie/parakeet (currently the secondary character in my constantly-transmogrifying MA picturebook project…). I have yet to work up a precise version of this in order to test its tessellation potential, but as it’s constructed on pretty much exactly the same tile shape as the one above, I am hoping it will be fairly straightforward to replicate – the rough idea is to be something like this:



I have a rather terrifying amount of work to do before our next tutorial session, so that’s all for now, but it looks as though it’s going to be a pretty awesome week ahead: a studio visit from the Publisher & Art Director of Hodder on Tuesday, followed by the brilliant Yasmeen Ismail (Time for Bed, Fred and Specs for Rex) on Wednesday, tutorial with the inimitable David Hughes on Thursday and (spooky) CAAAAKE on Friday!! I hope your respective weeks-in-prospect are brimming with excellent things, and thanks for reading – I look forwards to welcoming you to this little corner of the ether again soon!

AP x.




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