Festive feet…

I have to admit, I’m not feeling terribly festive just yet, but maybe a fresh coat of seasonally-jolly nail polish would help…


I realise that the humour of yesterday’s post (should you have been generous enough to indulge me and find it…) relied on the not-very-dexterous nature of penguin flippers, so the likelihood of the above-featured character successfully managing to apply an even coat of nail polish to toes he can barely (if at all…) reach is pretty slim (even some of those of us with five fully-differentiated digits on each hand struggle with this…). However, I was trying to think of something to draw for today’s post yesterday evening and, glancing distractedly around the room, noticed this horrific spectacle at the end of my leg:

IMAG0779A once juicy, beautifully-applied veneer of ‘Lucky Red’ gel polish – courtesy of the wondrous Brenna Hughes – now trying to escape from me (albeit at a glacial – or, indeed, going-nail speed, rate)! *Shudder*


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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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