A seasonal business…

With the proliferation of extraordinarily inventive and über-talented artists, illustrators, designers and crafts-people in modern society – making their wondrous wares available through a whole array of online (and otherwise – the local coffee-morning trestle-table stall is still very much a valid outlet for some of us…!) marketplaces, such as the brilliant Etsy and Society6, among many others – there really is no excuse for rubbish Christmas gifts of the order of novelty socks/reindeer-pooing-chocolate-beans/ribbon-tied stilton & port gift-box (although, for the record, I am most certainly not averse to the latter…). However, I imagine that gift-giving options betwixt Antarctic penguins (humour me…) may be pretty limited: I’m thinking a brace of ‘pre-deaded’ fish, a small pile of nest-building rocks, or a week’s worth of chick-sitting/killer whale-lookout work might be about the size of it…

The resourceful and enterprising young penguin pictured below on the right, though, has spotted an opportunity to corner the ‘exotic and unusual Christmas gifts’ market by hawking a selection of foreign objets, probably originating with a scientific expedition/BBC Frozen Planet crew (whether he came across these items as abandoned detritus ‘midst the snow drifts, or acquired them by rather more nefarious/bullying means, is not clear…) and thereby injecting a bit of variety, not to mention an element of intrigued bafflement, into his community’s present-buying practises this year. A pop-up Christmas shop, if you will, for the more discerning and experimental penguin:


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