Novelty Knitwear… ’tis the season!

I realise that Christmas Jumper Day was last Friday, but it takes a little time for such fixtures to filter their way through to the Antarctic regions, so I hope you’ll allow this rather belated festive-knits celebration a few days late…


To his colleagues’ delight, Bernard had fallen for the ‘Yeah, it’s Excruciatingly Awful Christmas Jumper Day at the office tomorrow’. Again.


The above scenario might also function as a little cautionary reminder – now that we’re fully immersed in festive party season – to those contemplating attending any type of fancy dress/novelty-themed function: check all the facts before committing to, e.g., a multi-part Rudolf costume for a corporate party on the other side of town. Date, time and location have to be pretty high up there on list of important party information, but – depending whom your friends are – perhaps also that it definitely a fancy-dress occasion, i.e. that there will be people other than yourself kitted out in seasonal/comedy/themed garb… (Although, to be honest, this is probably [well, I’d err on the side of actual Christmas Day/New Year’s Eve, being a bit of a wimp…] the time of year when you could get away with extreme festive costuming, even if you are a bit short of seasonal sass…).

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