Take 10…

If preparations (or the mere thought of them if, like me, you are already woefully behind the curve when it comes to such seasonal pursuits as card-writing and present-buying…) for Christmas are all getting a little too much, this one’s for you:

Now, I understand that – far from being a realm of solace – the Antarctic seas are a hunting ground, and one fraught with such perils as the dastardly leopard seal (as noted in Monday’s post…) and killer whale, etc. However, I like to think (for the purposes of this little penguin-themed improvisation) that the chaps pictured here are enacting a time-honoured tradition familiar, I am sure, from many of our lives: the house is full of festively-frenzied womenfolk, all frantically attempting to conjure The Perfect Christmas Day/Dinner from the (patently inadequate) components to hand, and dad has fled to the pub – where he can slip into the cool, bubbly sanctuary of a Christmas pint. (I imagine it translates equally well to mums/lady-folk – and I probably invite merciless castigation from feminist-leaning types for not setting this out as an equally likely scenario from the outset – but, from my own narrow observation, the above-mentioned Christmas-kitchen-evacuation technique would seem ever so slightly more prevalent in the opposite sex… However, a twist on this – it should be noted – sees husband/boyfriend/partner charged with the responsibility of herding his father-in-law/equivalent off down the pub for the duration, thereby mitigating [or entirely reversing, depending on the amicability of in-law relations…] the original effect.)

Ahhhh... Sweet release!

Ahhhh… Sweet release!

I would just mention at this juncture that the quality of postings is likely to take a bit of a nose-dive (even from its current rather sub-standard level… Yikes!) over the next few days as there is the small matter of Final Crit for the MA (tomorrow…), followed by frenzied house-readying (I am an open book, as today’s illustration clearly demonstrates…) for our annual CrimboCon event this coming weekend. I am determined, however, to post something every day, so please avert your eyes (if you, as may quite easily be the case, you can’t stomach the awful drivel & scribble that appears here over the next few days) until normal service resumes (hopefully by Sunday…).

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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