Christmas Eve!

Ok, I’ll be honest: I didn’t exactly have a Plan for the denouement of this little Advent illustration caper – I thought I’d just let it evolve “organically” (…) over the course of the 24 days. That way, I could uphold (perhaps only with myself…) the fiction that it wasn’t a conscious and wilful distractionary pursuit from the scary final stage of my Masters degree… *guilt-ridden cough*. So… I hope this final offering isn’t too out-of-leftfield (I have made a bit of an effort to shoehorn it into a festively-themed shape – although, actually, I could quite easily see it applying to my own life on a pretty well year-round basis…):

Penguins over-indulge at Christmas too (especially when an impromptu food-coma might get them out of the washing up…):


You’ll notice, in stark opposition to his siblings’ (and parents’) concern for their prone brother, the chick on the far left smells a  rat…

I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Christmas, and a happy, healthy and really rather wonderful 2015!! Thank you so much for your continuing support (and patience…) in visiting this quite rambling and erratic blog over the last month (and, who knows, possibly even longer…?! In which case: extra special thank yous!), and I shall look forwards to welcoming you back in the New Year! 😀

Merry Christmas, y’all!

AP x


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