Terms of use & Contact

Possibly flattering myself a little with the amount of ‘traffic’ I envisage stumbling across this blog – and the favourable opinion they might harbour in respect of the contents therein – but in the interests of prudence, I am compelled to heed the advice of a certain little birdie (being the universally-recognised embodiment of cautious conduct), which comprised, chiefly, of the following: ‘exert thine creative ownership in respect of the words and pictures within this blog, lest net-roaming scoundrels attempt to pilfer your illustrations, and/or prose, for their own (possibly nefarious) means’. Accordingly…

Images and written content on this blog site are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the artist/author in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Although I know that you, dear reader, are almost certainly an individual of the highest moral integrity and would not, even for the most transient of moments, consider misusing any scrap of the content herein published, I would respectfully alert the cheeky rascal peering over your shoulder to the fact that my spies are everywhere…!

That said…if you would like to discuss the possibility of using any of the illustrations (or – infinitely less likely though the chances most certainly are – the thunderously-clunky accompanying text) that appear in this blog, or in the gallery pages of my website (www.illustratedbyamanda.co.uk), I would be veritably delighted to hear from you: please just drop me an email at the following address and I’ll be happy to do all I can to accommodate your request(s):


Similarly, if you are perhaps ambushed by the notion mid-morning on a dreary Tuesday (or at any other time, for that matter…) that you’d like to commission a piece – be it on an individual greetings card or, indeed, full-colour illustrated children’s book-type scale – please feel free to dash off an email to me at the above address outlining what it is you have in mind and, if possible, what sort of budget and deadline you are hoping to work to, and I’ll gladly put together an estimate for you to consider (chances are, currently, that it’ll be a welcome excuse to abandon a particularly troublesome chicken-shaped sketch for a few moments!).

If you prefer, you may call instead, on 07792 172428, but I’m afraid I’m not always able to answer – in which case please do leave an answerphone message, including your name and a contact number, and I’ll return your call as soon as I possibly can. 

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