Monumentally late latecomer to the blogosphere, but now making some tentative inroads (for which apologies in these initial blundering stages…), I spend most of my time trying to coax a (motley) assortment of images and characters out of my head and onto paper with the assistance of pencils and watercolour paint. I am constantly, it seems, walking over smudgy pencil shavings and discarded pieces of paint-sodden kitchen towel – I do clean occasionally, but would contend that a degree of mess in one’s creative space is healthy, if not imperative – but with a decidedly joyous gait that comes from being allowed to pursue an interest that I love (and having the most patient, generous and good-humoured of husbands…).

I shall doubtless add more here over the next few days/weeks when I am able to wrest control of the iMac from aforementioned wondrous spouse (whom, I should add, has most graciously accepted the moniker ‘Marvellous Dave’ endowed by my 9-year-old niece), but for now will just mention that I am a new-ish member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI hereafter) which I have found to be an incredibly useful, supportive and inspiring organisation/resource, and veritably brimful of incredibly talented and wonderfully friendly people. For anyone interested in finding out a little more about SCBWI,  follow this link…


Plus, a modestly-sized mugshot to complement the rather sparse biography, as I believe is traditional…

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