Anniversary art…

Just a fleeting post again, I’m afraid, as I’m busy hunting for safety pins, toe-sized plasters and other essential race-day accoutrements by way of equipping myself (in the only manner that is now possible [given the late stage in proceedings]…) for my participation in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday (*arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh*). We leave for East Sussex in the morning…

Meanwhile, below is a piece that I completed last week for a couple of friends, whose wedding we were lucky enough to attend 5 years ago. It was a surprise, commissioned by the lovely lady for her husband, to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary – and features some other serious loves in her life: their two super-cute Westies and her signature pink Figaro car (only just visible here…)!


By kind permission of the couple, a photo (to show just how far from reality this portrait erred…!!):

V&C 1

Ahhhhhhh! Made for each other 🙂

Well, I’m afraid that’s all folks until I regain the use of my faculties post-marathon (assuming, of course, that I do…): have a fab weekend!!

AP x

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Illustrator and time-fritterer extraordinaire
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